Steve H.
This Trout Farm is awesome for any family activities. Whether you are adult or kid, they are ready for you. Everything is ready for you. Even the fish is ready to bite. People worked there are so friendly They clean the fish for you so you keep your hands clean. You wont regret it.
Francis Lemaro
very unique place to catch trout and have some down time enjoying the scenery
Ericka G.
My son has been asking me to take him fishing all summer.. I always pass by this place so finally I went. This place was so fun! They provide everything. My son had a blast and was so sad to leave! People were so nice. This is the perfect place to teach your kids how to fish!
Mary Pumba
A quick escape from the city during the quarantine. The best trout I ever have.
Dan M.
My daughter loves to fish and we had a few hours open for an excursion. This was our first trip to a trout farm. Frankly, the last time I took her to Lake Washington, her biggest catch was a pair of boxer shorts. This isn't the same as casting in open water, but the thrill of landing a nice trout for a 9 year old is still the same. She was super stoked at the challenge. The supplied gear is simply a rod with line attached and a hook. Technique plays a part. She lost a lot of the supplied bait before she "caught on." From then on I couldn't stop her. The most satisfying part was watching her bait the hook, set the hook, and using a net to land the fish with the rod held high in the air. The woman at the counter was super freindly. We actually had a few fish that broke the line. We just simply returned the gear and grabbed another. A few pointers from one visit: Be prepared to spend some money and set a goal before you get there. Cost is per inch of fish caught. YOU will catch fish. It will add up. However, the price per pound is comparable to the cost of less fresh fish at the market. Have a few recipes in hand or be prepared to freeze when you get home. Fish are segregated per size in the 3 ponds. If you want to catch a lot of fish with less cost, go to the small pond. If, like me, you have 7 grills and smokers on the back deck and want that stuffed trout with garden dill, sorrel, brown butter, garlic, and lemon over a cedar plank, head to the large pond.. You may see the fish depending on the sun and may be tempted to head to that location; however, the lunkers typically hang to the cool shade and fast moving waters at the inflow. Keep the supplied dough bait cool and in the shade. If it becomes to dry to stay on the hook, wet your fingers first and compress tightly around the hook shank leaving the hook tip slightly exposed. Take a cooler with ice to transport your catch home. If you have your fish cleaned there, they provide a plastic bag, but fresh is fresh right? Don't let them go to waste. Please leave a good tip for the person cleaning the fish.
May N.
Came as kid and now we get to bring our kids. Best family place. Great service. Don't need anything else but your family. The lady even cleaned and gutted our fish. Highly recommend. Will be back.
Luis Carlos Torres
My daughter had lots of fun catching her first fish. I had a lot of fun fishing with her.
Marisa Harvey
We just had our son’s 9th birthday party at Springbrook Trout farm and we had a blast! Kenny was a wonderful host. Great place for a party. The adults even enjoyed it. Thank you Springbrook Trout Farm for a memorable event. I went there when I was a kid. Glad my son will have fond memories of this place, too!